The past week in the island can be summed up by…

Toto’s song “I Will Remember”.

Especially these lines:

And I don’t understand
How all this has come to pass
How we’ve come to surround ourselves
In a sea of thieves
In a land without learning
Only the fools believe…

How did it end up like this
For you and me…

As I open my eyes to one more day
The wind burns my face
As it whispers your name
As it’s pulling me forward
It tears me free
And the only thing left
Is the tears for and me…

When love breaks the promise
The heart has to keep
It leaves only truth here to find
When the spirit is crushed
And the hurt is so deep
Between you and I

Even when love has come and gone
And our hearts have moved along
I will remember
There was a time we had the trust
And that always was enough
I will remember



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Everything is still the same

That is all I will say, for now.

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Jurassic Park (Novel) Criticism

Since the idiot BastionMonk locked the page.

  • Martin “Marty” Guitierrez first identifies Procompsognathus as an ordinary Basiliscus amoratus. However, there exists no amoratus species of the .
  • In the saliva of Procompsognathus traces are found of Gamma-amino methionine hydrolase, a genetic marker. But there exists no genetic marker with that name.
  • There is no scientific evidence to suggest Procompsognathus or Dilophosaurus have poisonous sacs and spit poison to stun/paralyse their prey.
  • Henry Wu made the dinosaurs Lysine contingent, to make sure the animals wouldn’t survive outside the park. But most vertebrates, including humans, are Lysine contingent.
  • Only female mosquitoes bite animals. It would be an enormous process discerning a) whether the insect in the amber was a mosquito; b) was it female; c) did it bite a dinosaur’s DNA. Then again, InGen and Hammond would have the money to finance this.
  • DNA in fact has half-life of DNA is 521 years. This means that usable DNA only lasts for about one million years at the upper limit. Aside from this, the mosquito is actively breaking down the blood in its digestive tract, further reducing the chances of finding usable DNA. Protein fragments and DNA from dinosaurs have been found, but the genetic material is in individual bases rather than an ordered code. See
  • Only dinosaurs that carry frog DNA in their genome are able to reproduce. But later in the novel Alan Grant sees a couple of Dilophosaurus (for which no frog DNA was used in their production) (both male and female sex) at the river, which are performing a mating ritual. Moreover, in the sequel novel The Lost World all dinosaur species have regained the ability to reproduce.
  • The Maiasaura are able to reproduce in the novel, but only one young is born. This is unlikely because a Maiasaura nest contained 30 to 40 eggs. (But, then again, they address this in the book, saying the Raptors were eating the eggs.)
  • Many of the dinosaurs come from both the Jurassic and Cretaceous period and would not have mixed with each other in the past. Attaining “Jurassic Equilibrium” might not have been so simple.
  • It is stated that dinosaurs don’t see unmoving objects very well. That is ambiguous, as the T. Rex’s eye sockets are stated to be large enough to have binocular vision up to 6 km. See and (second link is more describing the movie errors). Similarly, the hadrosaur might be able to see moving objects, unlike what was described.
  • The Raptors described may not be of that size. Nor would they have been that intelligent to open doors or test modern world defences. See
  • It is stated that the nursery is kept at Jurassic period temperature. Yet, the outside park temperature was not and could not be controlled. Even with a mutated DNA, it is unlikely the dinosaurs (several from non-Jurassic period) would be able to survive.
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Happy 2014

Happy 2014. That’s all. Longer post may come later.

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Worthless Italian who thinks he is an expert

In times like this, so called military bloggers like Gabriel64869839 de-cry the use of the military for humanitarian relief. All he cares about is symbols.

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Looking back at 2012*

A back dated entry (definitely not written on New Year’s Day!)

Looking back at 2012, I think the best time was my research trip to Washington DC. Yup, despite the tight budget, same places for dinner and the constant emailing to a range of medium to high level officials, it was the best time of 2012.

2013 will bring more positive and fun-filled events. God knows.

Short entry again.

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The unplanned Christmas shopping*

At first it was to be a simple lunch with another friend , Celine, at the nice Malaysian place in Birmingham’s Chinatown. What I did not expect was the line “I’ve got something for you” and Celine presented me with a nicely wrapped up Christmas present. “I remembered our last conversation where you mentioned cooking and cooking shows…” I felt extremely embarrassed considering that all I gave her in return was a small Christmas Card. I mean, I did pay for the whole lunch, but I do feel quite guilty of not buying something for her—she even recalled what I talked about last time we met damnit!

Lunch was dictated over once her boyfriend arrived and I kept my distance respectfully. What occurred next was a notification from her that he was unable to join her Christmas shopping. Now, I had no plans whatsoever afterwards except to return to tackle my own research. However, since she was heading back to the Bull Ring, I follower her. Somehow, I entered the Bull Ring with her. Now, I could have found the connecting alley from the Bull Ring to the Pallasades and back to New Street Station. However, Celine did ask me which was the cheapest shop in the Bull Ring since she was on a budget. I recommended Sports Direct, which I often bought my shirts and other menswear from. We however entered H&M first, and there both of us started learning shirt patterns and colours from each other. Her objective was a long sleeved shirt that would make her bf’s dad look well young. After a few minutes, we moved Sports Direct. To cut a long story short and for privacy reasons, I became the willing size judging boy, assisting her in buying the correct size for that father. Probably closing to three p.m., she introduced me to The Works, a discount bookstore outside where we also inevitably passed through the several stalls of the German Market. Now, bookshops be bookshops, and discount bookshops be discount bookshops. However, I was learning from Celine as she picked out children’s drawing materials for her bf’s pretty young sister. I turned well, a child again, glancing mostly at the Thomas the Tank Engine books. Out of that store with A4 printing paper (and C with a bag full of soon to be wrapped presents), Primarks, another relatively cheap store, was our next stop. I was starting to like this unplanned Christmas shopping, or rather helping-a-friend-shop outing. It was probably at this store, I helped her with men’s formal shirts, discovered the clothing liking of her adopted brother and prevented her from buying a shirt with the words (NATO code Hotel Oscar Echo).

Thanks again for the present Celine, I’ll definitely make it up when we meet again.

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