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When I was sixteen: An open critical letter to Greta Thunberg

When I was sixteen: An open critical letter to Greta Thunberg I will probably get lots of flak from Greta Thunberg supporters, friends and colleagues of mine. After all, a good number of you know I’ve a deep passion for … Continue reading

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Star Wars Episode VII: The Last Jedi My Thoughts

Spoilers ahead, be warned. Thoughts about The Last Jedi: Ok characters first: Hux: Wannabe boy (like everyone around him except Kylo appear older) who calls himself General, not much of a leader or tactician (for example why the heck did … Continue reading

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Questions, comments (and plot holes) after watching Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens

1) Big question: Why on earth did Disney (JJA et al) remake A New Hope? Many fans are not dumb. 2) It seems odd that Luke Skywalker, the great Jedi hero, would run away just because some rebellious school drop … Continue reading

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My guest article on Europe Asia Security Forum

Take a look, read and comment please My Guest Article .

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Written Evidence to the UK HoC Defence Committee

Read and review. Thanks to the UK House of Commons Defence Select Committee for publishing it.

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This sums it up…

From JAG, Season 8 Episode 7, “Need to Know” Catherine Gale: Clear? Commander Harmon Rabb, JAGC, USN: Oh, yeah.I think I get it. We can’t tell the court why it needs to be declassified because the reason it’s classified is … Continue reading

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Question to all NCIS Bishop fans…re: Floor sitting

Which other TV Federal Agent or major actress has every sat on the floor? I’m talking about characters who replaced former characters. Monica Reyes didn’t sit on the floor when she was brought in to replace Dana Scully (The X … Continue reading

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