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The summer’s gone and all the roses falling*

“Kiss of Summer” (Scarlet Division), “Summertime (Porgy and Bess soundtrack), “Summer Loving” (Grease soundtrack) and there’s a host of so many other songs with the word summer in it or reference to that season. In this case, this entry is … Continue reading

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Change but still the same that I believe in*

So there’s something new in the links on the sidebar. Yup, I’m worshipping at Covenant Community Methodist Church. Reason will not be explained here. Had a good run with some church members today and the small group is great. One … Continue reading

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I never thought that losing you could ever hurt so bad*

NB: This was written in September 2009, when Toto had temporarily ceased performing. As on 2013, the band is back, with a slightly new membership. I planned to title the entry “Not quite a year since [they] went away” but … Continue reading

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