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Waves of thoughts*

I took a long walk on Thursday. Actually it was short by my standards. My standards meaning I’ve hike further that the whole stretch—which was from Borders all the way to around Centerpoint and back. But it was the few … Continue reading

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Memories of IDSS*

And then it all ended. Well, not exactly like that, but yes after so many weeks of travelling back and forth and up and down (the island and the building), my internship at IDSS finally came to a close today. … Continue reading

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An eye opener: The 2006 Asia Pacific Programme for Senior Military Officers Conference*

Today was an eye opener indeed, despite having to sacrifice beauty sleep and a weekend. But it was a blessing from God indeed, for it’s not all the time to be called to do something that you think is way … Continue reading

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As time goes by *

Time flies really fast. Prof Alan Collins left on Friday, and well it’s just another indication that my time at IDSS is coming to a close.Then it’ll be me, and Dr. Chew. Then Dr. Chew will probably move to a … Continue reading

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