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I went to church today. Simple statement you may say, but in my case, it is a special moment for I haven’t gone to church for a long time. I kept on telling myself to return ever since Secondary school, … Continue reading

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Hell Week

The official name of the 15 days of physical and mental torture is called training, but I christened it “Hell Week”, even thought it was longer than seven days. CH and Lucas can’t say that I ‘m not going through … Continue reading

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Fun O Rama 2004*

In Camp Training for the NSMen in my unit is almost over. Saturday was one of the most relaxed days of the “Hell Week”, just going back to the office and slacking around until 11 plus. That gave me enough … Continue reading

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Update of my world

I’m going through something I like to call hell week…well it is slightly inaccurate as it lasts for more than just seven days. Next week will be progressively harder..

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Girls, Girls and Girls (Revised addition)

NB:Written a long time ago. I’ve changed. Today, we examine a snippet of conversation that took place on the fifth of January: CH: Oh, but I‘ve got many pictures with all the girls in my class with my hands around … Continue reading

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