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Oh yes, NJC’s first attempt at a large scale Food and Fun Fair. Late in the year to host such an event don’t you think? Well, blame it on the SARS epidemic; it was supposed to be on the 24th … Continue reading

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Jumbled up days

These two weeks were nothing but more mess and disruption. First up, we hear that our two dear Iranian twins passed away in their quest to achieve an independent body. Its not that their goal was unrealistic, it shows the … Continue reading

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Only love can say

Today’s PC class was a drastic change from the usual comments and monosyllabic answers we always give Mr. Whitby. The first thing he said was “Today I’m going to explore your personal lives”, or something of that sort. He then … Continue reading

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Golden Eggs

During the short three week break, Chih Hung smsed me at around 11:55pm and said something like” hey I got in for the Columbia book prize interview. Did you?” As you may have suspected, I did not get into the … Continue reading

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This is and is not what it is all about

Meinen Damen und Herren, (Ladies and gentlemen), I did not intend to have such a tone when I wrote my diary entries. When I write, words just flow out unconsciously most of the time, and they actually are meant to … Continue reading

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Girls, Girls and Girls

Chih Hung, don’t think this entry is about the girls that you say anything I fall in love with. I fully deny anything you say about them and me. Ah well. There are many people of the opposite sex in … Continue reading

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Literature and life

NB: Written in 2003, you can sense the difference then and ten years later… Revising through my Literature texts, I suddenly discovered how some of the characters in them actually reflect me and other people I have met in my … Continue reading

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