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An adjudicator’s perspective*

It all started with some workshop held at VJC from 6pm to 8pm in the second week of February. Since I was not held back by Economics S paper like Zhilin, there was no reason not spent my Friday night … Continue reading

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Sidenotes 2

Thus ended the magic common test with Mr Dio giving us “Elm” for the context question. Marvellous, and I just brushed through it the night before. Then the Ishiguro section was the last chapter of the book, a section one … Continue reading

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That’s great, that’s wonderful

So I have two more days to mug (or at least study) for┬áMr Dio’s paper. Isn’t it wonderful? Almost two weeks of “lock out” from school and “lock in” at home. Times be times. Bye for now, the news is … Continue reading

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